Wheel Alignment

Service Description

Your wheels perform best when they are lined up straight. But the common bumps, holes, and swerves of driving can make tires go out of alignment. So can aging shocks or struts. When the wheels are even a little bit out of alignment—less than you might be able to see—tires wear out faster. Gas mileage goes down. Even your control and handling can be affected.

Included in your service:

  • Visual inspection of steering and suspension components
  • Tire pressure adjustments
  • Alignment angle adjustments to factory specifications

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Tire Service & Repair shopping guide

Inspect your tires in 1 minute

Knowing what you’re looking for makes inspection easy. Review our checklist, and see how your tires stack up. If you find any problems, pull into any Big O Tires location. We’re here to help.
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What are the dangers of worn tires?

Worn tires cause problems with control, braking and drivability. Worn tires are truly dangerous. Please check your tires often, and let the pros at Big O Tires help replace them when needed.
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Tire Service & Repair FAQ

Why do I have to rotate my tires?

Rotating tires keeps them from wearing unevenly. It extends tire life, which saves money.

How often should my tires be balanced?

Every 4,000 to 6,000 miles or any time a tire is replaced or patched.

What happens if my tire pressure isn’t right?

Low air pressure makes tires run hot, which affects handling and can cause your car or truck to use more gas.

Why are my tires wearing unevenly?
  • Too much or too little air pressure
  • Problems with alignment or balancing
  • Problems with steering or suspension
What are the dangers of worn tires?
  • Complete tire failure
  • More prone to hydroplaning
  • More easily punctured
  • More air leakage

Tire Service & Repair Know-how

The truth about tire plug repairs

We repair punctured tires according to RMA standards.
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What is a tire speed rating?

Speed ratings tell you the speed the tire can safely maintain.
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