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Installation Of A New Interstate Mega-Tron II Battery


Service Description
Your new Interstate Mega Tron II Plus battery available from Big O Tires, is here to satisfy all your vehicle's power supply worries. Reliability has been the hallmark of the research out into developing this dependable battery. Over the years, our vehicles have placed increased demands on the batteries they rely on. From the incredible sound systems, to the wide array of safety sensors now built into automobiles, a strong power supply is needed more than ever.

With regard to the rigors of demanding weather conditions, the Interstate Mega Tron II Plus battery has been built with the following:

Cold Cranking Amps (0 degrees F): 700 amps
Cranking Amps (32 degrees F): 875 amps
Reserve Capacity: 80 minutes

As with all vehicle batteries, it is always advisable to have yours inspected and checked periodically. Let the licensed technicians at Big O Tires take a look and ensure your commute is uninterrupted.

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