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Big Foot AS

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  • Notched Continuous Shoulder Ribs
  • Corrugated Variable Depth Siping
  • Open Center Rib (Coupled In Pairs)
  • Variable Draft Groove Walls
Excellent "On-Center Feel" For A Secure/Stable Ride And High Speed Response Help Improve Irregular Wear Resistance And Reduces The Chance For Store Retention Provides Interlocking Geometry For Great All Season Performance With Improved Element Sta...
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Product DetailSpeed RatingTread DepthLoad Index
103H H12.5103
110T T13.0110
104T T12.5104
115T T12.5115
104R R14.0104
112R R14.5112
111T T13.0111
106T T13.0106
107T T13.0107
116T T12.5116
121S S14.5121
120R R14.5120
109H H12.0109
111T T12.5111
100H H13.0100
107T T12.5107
104T T13.0104
115R R14.5115
121S S14.5121
116T T13.0116
121R R14.5121
120R R14.5120
103T T13.0103
115T T13.0115
123S S14.5123
117H H12.5117
111T T13.0111
106H H12.5106
112T T12.5112
126R R15.0126
107H H12.0107
115R R14.5115
123R R14.0123
116T T13.0116
94T T14.094
113T T13.0113
105H H12.0105
109T T12.5109
102H H12.0102
110T T12.5110
120R R14.5120
125S S14.5125
112T T13.0112
107H H12.0107

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Big Foot AS
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