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Lifeliner GLS

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  • Optimal Tire Shape
  • Touring Tread Formula
  • Even-Wearing Design
  • Quiet-Riding Design
  • Faceted Bead
  • Four Circumferential Grooves
Employs A Computer Enhanced Sound Quality System That Optimizes The Tread Pattern's Pitch Sequence For A Quiet Ride Helps Provide Even Treadwear Shoulder Slotting Is Also Designed For Resistance To Irregular Wear While Providing Solid, All Season Perform...
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Available Sizes


Product DetailSpeed RatingTread DepthUTQGLoad Index
91T T10.0540 A B91
88T T10.0540 A B88
82T T10.0540 A B82
82T T10.0540 A B82