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  • Advanced Siping Technologies
  • Reduced Wear
  • Wet Traction
  • 3D Multiwave Sipes
Are Cut Into Interlocking Ripples Instead Of Straight Lines Os They Provide Exceptional Wet Traction While Solidifying The Block To Help Reduce Wear And Prolong Tread Life Deep Circumferential Grooves Combined With The Slanted Three-Dimensional Tread Blocks Evacuate Water This Helps Maintain Contact ...
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Product DetailSpeed RatingTread DepthUTQGLoad Index
87W W9.8280 AA A87
97W W10.2280 AA A97
84W W9.7280 AA A84
90W W10.0280 AA A90
91V V9.7280 AA A91
98W W10.0280 AA A98
88W W10.2280 AA A88
85W W9.8280 AA A85
89V V9.7280 AA A89
93W W10.2280 AA A93
92W W10.0280 AA A92
89W W9.8280 AA A89
86W W9.7280 AA A86
97W W10.6280 AA A97
85W W10.0280 AA A85
100W W10.6280 AA A100
95W W10.1280 AA A95
90W W10.2280 AA A90
88W W9.7280 AA A88
83V V9.7280 AA A83
84W W9.8280 AA A84
90W W10.2280 AA A90
91W W9.8280 AA A91
100W W10.1280 AA A100
87V V9.7280 AA A87
94W W10.0280 AA A94
89W W9.8280 AA A89
91W W9.8280 AA A91
98W W10.0280 AA A98
88W W9.7280 AA A88

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