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Terra Grappler G2

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  • Dual Sidewall Designs
  • Coupling Joints
  • Shoulder Lugs
  • Full Depth Sipes
Terra Grappler G2 Is Equipped With Full Depth Siping Not Only Do The Full Depth Sipes Offer A Benefit, It Also Helps Maintain The Appearance Of The Tread Design As The Tire Wears Tread Block Rigidity Is Important When It Comes To Even Wear Noticing This, Nitto Decided To Reinforce The Coupling Joints In T...
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Available Sizes

24inch Wheel Diameter


Product DetailSpeed RatingTread DepthLoad Index
124R R16.8124
116S S13.5116
116T T13.4116
114H H13.6114
116S S13.4116
104W W10.0104
122S S16.0122
117T T13.0117
124R R16.0124
124R R17.0124
129x x16.6129
129S S17.0129
121R R17.5121
121S S16.0121
125R R16.8125
122S S17.0122
121R R17.0121
128R R17.0128
126S S16.0126
116T T12.9116
121R R17.0121
116T T13.0116
127S S15.0127
120R R16.5120
121R R17.0121
114T T12.9114
126x x16.4126
126R R17.5126
116T T12.9116
109H H12.7109
127R R16.5127
121R R15.6121
125R R17.5125
125S S16.3125
124S S16.8124
116S S13.0116
120S S13.6120
121R R16.5121
121R R16.8121
121R R16.5121
124R R17.5124
128R R17.0128
111S S13.4111
109R R15.6109
115T T13.1115
119R R17.0119
121R R16.5121
118S S13.9118
111T T12.6111
123S S16.0123
121S S16.3121
117R R15.6117
129R R17.0129
116S S13.9116
112T T13.0112
125S S16.1125
121R R17.4121
122S S15.6122
121S S16.3121
123R R17.0123
120S S13.9120
124R R17.0124
116S S13.6116
122R R16.0122
116T T13.1116
128R R17.5128
124R R15.6124
116S S13.0116
127R R17.5127
121S S15.6121
126S S17.0126

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Terra Grappler G2
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