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BigO Tire

Scorpion Zero Asym

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  • Handling At High Speed
  • Stable and quiet
  • All-season and off-road traction
  • Comfortable Driving Experience
  • Increased Grip
  • High-speed handling performance
Continuous Longitudinal Block Profiles And Compact Shoulder Blocks Provide Stability And Tread Pattern Stiffness For Precise Performance And Control Continuous Central Rib Provides Even Treadwear For Prolonged Tire Life And Re...
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Product DetailSpeed RatingTread DepthUTQGLoad IndexRun Flat
102W W10.0420 A A102No
120V V10.0420 A A120No
105V V10.0420 A A105No
106Y Y10.0420 A A106No
99V V10.0420 A A99No
112V V10.0420 A A112No
105Y Y10.0420 AA A105No
104V V10.0420 A A104No
99V V10.0420 A A99No
107W W13.0420 AA A107No
111W W10.0420 AA A111No
110H H10.0520 A A110No
108W W10.0420 AA A108No
103V V10.0420 AA A103No
109H H10.0300 AA A109No
112W W10.0420 AA A112No
106W W10.0420 A A106No
102V V10.0420 A A102No
103W W10.0420 AA A103No
100H H10.0420 A A100No
110Y Y10.0420 A A110No
109V V10.0420 AA A109No
107Y Y10.0420 A A107No
114W W10.0420 AA A114No
105V V10.0420 A A105No
102W W10.0420 A A102No

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Scorpion Zero Asym
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