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BigO Tire
BigO Tire

Our Story

Legendary Service for Nearly 60 Years

The Big O Tires story begins back in 1962. The market for replacement tires was exploding, and independent tire dealers found themselves struggling to compete with major tire manufacturers' own company stores. Luckily, Big O's founding fathers, a handful of progressive independent tire dealers with a common belief that service matters, came together to form a tire-buying cooperative. In the following years, Big O Tires evolved into a full-fledged franchise as it continued to find innovative ways to benefit independent dealerships and their customers. And thus, The Team You Trust® was born.

Then in 1996, Big O Tires joined forces with TBC Corporation, one of North America’s largest marketers of automotive replacement tires. Now, with over 450 locations in 25 states, we can provide service you can trust for more people than ever before. And legend is still growing!

Our business model has been, and always will be, simple: earn customers’ trust by selling great products and always standing behind them. That’s why we back every tire and service with:

  • One of the most comprehensive and affordable warranty protections available
  • Our 12-month/12,000-mile Nationwide Limited Repair Warranty, honored at over 460+ Big O Tires locations
  • 24/7 Roadside Assistance when you purchase Big O brand tires or our Tire Protection Package

But we don’t stop there. Our Multi-Point inspection comes standard, when it’s anything but. Free of charge. Why? Because it’s the right thing to do. Because we believe you should take your vehicle to a place you can trust. That’s what makes us The Team You Trust.

Why Big O Tires:

From flat tires and oil changes to rotor resurfacing and that weird clunking sound you’ve been hearing for a week, a lot can go wrong with your vehicle, and you need to take it to someone you can trust. Luckily, Big O Tires has provided straight answers and reliable service you can trust since 1962. We offer a wide range of diagnostic, repair and routine maintenance services, backed by one of the best national services warranties in the business. We do all of this, because you’re our friends and neighbors, and we feel all of our friends and neighbors deserve legendary service that they can trust.