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Where can I find my tire size?Where can I find my tire size?

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We carry a wide selection of the top EV tires from all the big-brand names you know and love. We’ve got the right tires for your driving style and budget, and when you pair that with our fast, expert tire installation, it makes Big O Tires your one-stop EV shop.

Electric vehicle tires FAQ

The safest choice when choosing new EV tires is to go with the tires that came with your car, the OE (original equipment) tires. Manufacturers often work with tire companies to choose or design tires that deliver the unique performance characteristics that EVs require, including:

  • Low rolling resistance - This increased energy efficiency helps your tires get more miles and range between charges.
  • Higher load rating - Thanks to their heavy rechargeable batteries, EVs are heavier than gas-powered vehicles. You need a tire that can handle the additional load.
  • Reduced road noise - Since EVs run silent, it’s best to have tires that absorb road noise, so you can enjoy a quiet ride.
  • Extra grip - EVs deliver lightning-fast acceleration. To handle all that torque, make sure your new tires are built to deliver lots of traction.

If you decide not to go with your vehicle’s OE tire, make sure to choose a tire that’s rated for use on your EV and built for your climate and driving style.

EV tires must carry the additional weight of heavy rechargeable batteries and deal with the extra torque from EVs’ quick acceleration. That’s why EV tires typically wear faster than regular tires.

On average, you can expect to get around 30,000-40,000 miles from your EV tires before they need to be replaced. High-performance, low-profile tires tend to wear even faster than this because they have less tread and higher speed ratings. The exact mileage you get will depend on your tire, vehicle, driving style and climate.

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