What is the battery charging system?
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How often should I check my car battery?
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Do batteries naturally wear out over time?
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How can I tell if my battery is on its last legs?
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Dashboard warning lights – what are they?
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Services offered by Big O Tires

Installation of a new

Make a Solid Start
Good partners shorten the trip. Let Big O Tires pair you up with the battery that’s right for you from our Outrageously Dependable partner, Interstate Batteries. The PowerFast Series is a solid start in reliable power and performance. Give your car a fresh start every morning.

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Included in your battery purchase:

  • 18-month free-replacement period
  • Designed to get the job done in cars and trucks with minimal load, usage and mileage
  • Easy access for easy maintenance
  • Fits most makes and models

Installation of a new

Let's Start Something
New journeys start with the twist of your key, so fire up your next adventure with a Mega-Tron II battery from Interstate. Let Big O Tires connect you to the No. 1 name in portable power: Interstate Batteries.

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Included in your battery purchase:

  • Five-year performance warranty, including a 24-month free-replacement period
  • Long-lasting power for cars and trucks
  • Designed to resist excessive internal corrosion
  • Fits most makes and models

Installation of a new

Cranky – In a Good Way
Twice a day, every day for years, your engine demands a lot of power. Let Big O Tires connect you to the premium-quality batteries at Interstate Batteries. The Mega-Tron Plus features uncompromising performance with the highest cold cranking amp (CCA) ratings and a reliable nationwide warranty.

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Included in your battery purchase:

  • Six-year performance warranty, including a 30-month free-replacement period
  • High-cranking performance for power-hungry vehicles
  • Durable and resistant in sub-zero temperatures
  • Fits most makes and models

Battery Testing

A dead battery can leave you stranded, so it’s good to have it checked regularly. Service includes electrical system test, remove and recycle old battery, terminal cleaning, add protectant washers and spray, and install new battery.

Battery Cable Replacement

Don't get stuck in the parking lot because of failed battery cables. Let the experts at Big O Tires make sure you have a strong-running battery for confident starts. Service includes visual inspection and cable replacement as necessary.

Alternator Test and Replacement

Before you buy a new battery, let Big O Tires check out the alternator. Our service includes inspecting the wiring, pulley belt, and other components and replacing components or alternator as necessary – letting you know exactly what you need.

Starter Test and Replacement

You turn the key and hear only a click sound. Or the lights come on but nothing else happens. It may be your starter, but don't panic. Big O Tires has you covered. Our service includes a starter motor bench test and replacement as necessary.

Our Service Difference

Expert service that goes the extra mile (or two)

Certified technicians, written quotes, prompt service that's done when promised — when you choose Big O Tires, service for your car or truck is done right the first time. No hassles.

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