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Installation Of A New Interstate Mega-Tron Plus Battery


Service Description
The Interstate Mega Tron Plus battery available from Big O Tires, delivers all that your daily grind can throw at it. The research put into developing this reliable battery took a varied of conditions into consideration. From new vehicles' increasing electric demands to the freezing temperatures in some areas, this powerhouse is built to last.

The amount of current a car battery produces at 0℉ for at least 30 seconds is measured in cold cranking amps, represented as CCA. With the higher cranking amps available from the Mega-Tron Plus, there is never a need to worry. Living in demanding environments demands that you are able to stand up to the pressures. Day in and day out, you need your vehicle to be ready and able.

Even with its high performance, having your vehicle's battery checked periodically is always a good idea. Our quality experts at Big O Tires are available to inspect and ensure your vehicle is problem-free.

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