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Cooling System Flush & Fill

Service Description

We all perform better with cooler heads and your car or truck is no different. Flushing and refilling your vehicle's coolant removes harmful contaminants and improves your system's efficiency. Rust and corrosion can wreak havoc on your components. Regular service and new fluids make for long lasting ownership.

The purpose of your engine's cooling system is to ensure coolant is free flowing through your engine and radiator, preventing a buildup of excess heat and damaging vital components. A properly working water pump and clean internals also aid in managing the heat generated. Outside of the engine bay, your vehicle's cooling system serves other purposes as well. When low temperatures creep inside, the managed heat from your vehicle that helps to warm everyone inside.

Whether it is determining the best coolant or the frequency of service intervals, our technicians guarantee you are well taken care of. Let the experts at Big O Tires handle your vehicle's cooling system maintenance.

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