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Fuel System Cleaning

Service Description

We all want our vehicles firing on all cylinders. A key component of efficient performance and fuel economy is regular fuel system service. As our bodies occasionally require certain foods or treatments, our car and trucks demand the same attention. The weekly fuel stops, traffic, and strain place injectors, valves and cylinder heads under stress. The buildup of deposits, if left untreated cause costly issues. Over time, your injectors get corroded with residue and grime that severely affect its power. Contamination and clogging do not make for a well running machine.

The experts at Big O Tires use their expertise and state-of-the-art technology to manage your engine's exposure to harmful contaminants. Every vehicle is different in the what they are exposed to and what require for efficient operation. After a careful inspection, technicians can determine what is best for your car or truck.

With regular service and attention, you'll be rewarded with years of peak performance.

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