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Radiator & Coolant Hoses

Service Description

Trouble with your vehicle's radiator hose or coolant leaks can escalate very quickly. Replacement or repair is sometimes warranted due to sever strains your engine places on simple rubber hoses. Simply looking won't give the best evaluation of your cooling system's condition, since much of the effects are resident on the inside of the various hoses, not on the outside. A leak or crack is a sign that any number of issues were not addressed. Periodic inspections by qualified technicians can identify potential issues and address accordingly.

Time and constant temperature changes are not kind to a car or truck's pliable rubber components. But , you don't have to wait until damage or deterioration causes problems. Proper maintenance goes a long way in preventing costly repairs. A quick and easy visit to Big O Tires will go a long way in preventing any issues, so you can always keep your cool.

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