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Rack and Pinion

Service Description

Rack-and-pinion steering has remained the most popular mechanism by which a driver maintains directional control of their car or truck. The importance of such a system to everyone's safety is evident. Before going bad, there are a few symptoms to look out for and seek repair or replacement.

Upon turning the steering wheel to the right or left, if there is excessive looseness or tightness, it may indicate issues with the gearing mechanism or teeth. The power-assist portion of the unit houses relatively small parts, that are susceptible to damage and will malfunction, if any leaks are present.

The rack and pinion is an efficient way of converting a minimal effort by the driver to enough power to steer the wheels of a heavy machine. It's purpose is brilliant and makes for an effortless commute. When this system requires attention, your licensed technicians at Big O Tires have the expertise to get you going again.

Service includes:

Thorough inspection of steering mechanism
Repair and/ or replace faulty rack and pinion parts

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