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Tire Rotation

Service Description

The tires on your vehicle start wearing differently, from the moment you put the first mile on them. Tire rotation helps to offset the wearing down of your tire's tread life over time. The experts at Big O Tires pay close attention to these details during your visit and will recommend accordingly.

Rotating tires at regular intervals is highly recommended, so your ride, comfort and safety isn't compromised. With front wheel drive vehicles, tire rotation has an even greater effect, since both power and steering is directed to the front.

The rate at which tire wear progresses has a lot to do with the kind of tires you have on your vehicle. Softer compounds provide better grip, but wear faster, while harder compounds sacrifice grip for longevity. Then your driving habits, the terrain, and the vehicle's alignment, play a role in effectiveness and use. Take advantage of our expertise and get the most life out of your tires.

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