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BigO Tire

Aspen Touring AS

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Product DetailSpeed RatingTread DepthUTQGLoad Index
82H H10.3440 A A82
89T T10.0440 A B89
94T T11.0440 A B94
84H H10.2440 A A84
103T T11.0440 A B103
95H H10.0440 A A95
88H H10.3440 A A88
91H H10.2440 A A91
99T T10.3440 A B99
97V V10.2400 A A97
102S S10.3400 A B102
94H H10.5440 A A94
88H H10.0440 A A88
95V V10.2400 A A95
100T T10.5440 A B100
91H H10.4440 A A91
98T T10.8440 A B98
85V V10.0400 A A85
91H H10.2440 A A91
96S S10.4400 A B96
86T T10.3440 A B86
99H H10.2440 A A99
95H H10.5440 A A95
94H H11.0440 A A94
98T T10.3440 A B98
91V V10.2400 A A91
95H H10.5440 A A95
98S S10.6400 A B98
92H H10.5440 A A92
88S S10.0400 A B88
86H H10.4440 A A86
99T T10.4440 A B99
94V V10.4400 A A94
94V V10.0400 A A94
82T T10.2440 A B82
96T T10.7440 A B96
91T T10.4440 A B91
86H H10.3440 A A86
82T T9.9440 A B82
84T T9.9440 A B84
87H H10.0440 A A87
93H H10.0440 A A93
95T T11.0440 A B95
95S S10.3400 A B95
96T T10.2440 A B96
92V V10.4400 A A92
87V V10.0400 A A87
84V V9.9400 A A84
91H H11.0440 A A91
98H H10.8440 A A98
91S S10.2400 A B91
91H H11.0440 A A91

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Aspen Touring AS