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Discoverer RTX

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  • Wide Angle Siping
  • Wide Zig-Zag Circumferential Grooves
  • Stone Ejector Ribs
  • Aggresive 5-Rib, All Terrain Pattern
  • Variable Full Depth Siping
Maximizes The Stability Of Each Tread Element Give The Tire Many Sipe Edges For Wet And Winter Traction, Without Sacrificing The Tire's Handling Characteristics 12 Percent More Lateral Grooves Handle Tough Off-Road Terrains Positioned In T...
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Product DetailSpeed RatingTread DepthLoad Index
106T T13.0106
115T T12.5115
107T T13.0107
126S S16.0126
113T T13.0113
100T T13.0100
119R R16.5119
125S S16.0125
115R R16.5115
121S S16.0121
107T T12.5107
108T T13.0108
112T T13.0112
111T T13.0111
115T T13.0115
120R R16.5120
121R R17.0121
112T T13.0112
123S S16.0123
121S S17.0121
109R R16.5109
116T T13.0116
104T T12.5104
111T T13.0111
116T T12.5116
121S S16.0121
104T T13.0104
127R R17.0127
123R R16.5123
120R R16.5120
120R R16.5120
121R R16.5121
125S S16.0125
114T T12.5114
103T T13.0103
126R R17.0126
116T T13.0116
112T T12.5112
110T T13.0110
117T T12.5117
124R R17.0124
124S S16.5124

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Discoverer RTX
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