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Grandtrek Touring AS

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  • Dependable traction, wet or dry
  • Enhanced steering response
  • M&S Rated All Season Tread Pattern
  • Dunlop Self-Supporting Technology
  • Quiet tuning for year-round comfort
  • Silica Tread
  • Jointless Band Technology
  • Multi-Pitch Tread Design Technology
  • Versaload Technology
Notched outer shoulders and a cross-cut center rib enhance comfort and stability Helps Reduce Noise For A Quiet Ride Cons...
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Available Sizes

18inch Wheel Diameter

20inch Wheel Diameter


Product DetailSpeed RatingTread DepthUTQGLoad Index
99H H10.0200 A A99
101V V10.0280 A A101
99H H10.0200 A A99
107H H10.0200 A A107
100H H10.0200 A A100
98H H10.0200 A A98
101V V10.0280 A A101
102V V10.0280 A A102
103H H10.0200 A A103

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Grandtrek Touring AS
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