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Grabber UHP

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  • V Shaped Tread Pattern
  • Continuously Varying Groove Angles
  • Flat Belt Contour, Shallow Slots, Increased Pattern Depth In Shoulder Area
Quiet Rides Superb Control In Wet Conditions Even Wear
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Available Sizes

16inch Wheel Diameter

17inch Wheel Diameter

18inch Wheel Diameter

19inch Wheel Diameter

22inch Wheel Diameter

23inch Wheel Diameter

24inch Wheel Diameter


Product DetailSpeed RatingTread DepthUTQGLoad Index
107V V10.0360 A A107
109W W10.0360 A A109
112V V10.0320 A A112
106V V11.0360 A A106
117V V10.0360 A A117
107W W10.0320 A A107
109H H11.0360 A A109
115V V10.0320 A A115
114V V10.0320 A A114
114V V10.0320 A A114
118V V10.0320 A A118
112V V10.0320 A A112
109V V10.0360 A A109
110V V10.0320 A A110
111V V10.0360 A A111
118V V10.0320 A A118

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Grabber UHP
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