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Terra Grappler

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  • Dual Sidewall Designs
  • Off-Road Performance
  • High Density Siping
The Lugs On The Shoulder Are Staggered To Improve Traction In Deep Sand And Loose Dirt Each Grappler Has Two Sidewall Designs So You Can Choose How Your Tires Look On The Terra Grappler One Side Has Solid Outlined Lettering And The Other Has Serrated Lettering Deep Sipes And Lateral Voids Effectively Channel Aw...
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Product DetailSpeed RatingTread DepthLoad Index
112S S13.1112
123R R16.4123
112S S13.6112
121x x16.5121
122x x16.5122
123R R15.5123
114S S13.9114
116S S13.0116
121R R16.0121
112S S13.9112
125R R17.0125
112S S12.7112
123S S15.6123
123x x15.6123
124x x16.5124
125R R17.0125
108S S12.9108
126x x16.5126
126R R16.5126
123x x16.5123
125R R16.5125
108S S12.9108
110S S13.1110
119x x15.6119

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Terra Grappler
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