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Avid TouringS

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  • Cross Traction Sipes
  • Tapered Rain Channels / Circumferential Grooves
  • Contoured Bead Design
  • Tri-Plex Tread Compound
  • Silent Shoulder
  • Twin Rail Stability Rib
Provides Increased Tread Life And Improved Traction Through A Combination Of Advanced Cap, Base And Buttress Compounds Work In Tandem To Accelerate Water Evacuation Offers Confident Maneuverability And Minimizes Pattern Noi...
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Product DetailSpeed RatingTread DepthUTQGLoad IndexRun Flat
98T T10.0620 A B98No
104T T10.0620 A B104No
89S S10.0620 A B89No
98T T10.0620 A B98No
99T T10.0620 A B99No
86S S10.0620 A B86No
89T T10.0620 A B89No
94H H11.0620 A A94No
103T T10.0620 A B103No
90T T10.0620 A B90No
97T T10.0620 A B97No
95S S10.0620 A B95No
97S S10.0620 A B97No
94H H11.0620 A A94No
90S S10.0620 A B90No
87T T10.0620 A B87No
84T T10.0620 A B84No
91T T10.0620 A B91No
93T T10.0620 A B93No
98S S10.0620 A B98No
81S S10.0620 A B81No
99T T10.0620 A B99No
94T T10.0620 A B94No
85S S10.0620 A B85No
102T T10.0620 A B102No
87S S10.0620 A B87No
105S S11.0620 A B105No
102T T11.0620 A B102No
95S S10.0620 A B95No
92S S10.0620 A B92No
96T T10.0620 A B96No
104T T11.0620 A B104No
89S S10.0620 A B89No
90T T10.0620 A B90No

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Avid TouringS
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