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BigO Tire

Discoverer ST Maxx

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LT225/75R16 E 115/112Q
MSPN: 54803C
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About this Tire

Tire Line features

  • Dual-draft and non-parallel groove walls
  • Stone ejector ribs
  • Armor Tek3® construction
  • Stone ejector ribs
  • Hybrid 4-5 rib design
  • Dual-draft and non-parallel groove walls
  • Armor Tek3® construction
  • Hybrid 4-5 rib design


  • Durable off-road performance
  • Provides Exceptional Wet Traction And Confident Handling On The Highway, While Also Delivering Excellent Cut And Chip Resistance On Unpaved, Rocky And Gravel Terrain
  • Provide Increased Tread Block Rigidity And Vehicle Stability While Reducing The Potential For Stone Retention And Stone Drilling Into The Tread Elements The Rounded Corners Reduce Stress Concentrations To Enhance Crack And Tear Resistance Of The Tread Blocks
  • Excellent handling in mud and snow
  • Help To Discharge Stones And Resist Stone Drilling
  • Cut and chip resistance
  • Contributes To The Durability Of The S/Tmaxx By Adding Strength To The Sidewall And Tread Area A Unique Angled Ply Construction Absorbs And Helps Dissipate Tire Impact Forces That Can Damage A Tire In Harsh Off-Road Conditions
  • Provides Additional Off-Road Traction, Abrasion And Puncture Resistance Its Rugged Design Minimizes The Potential For Damage Due To Scrapes And Abrasion When Used In Difficult Terrain
  • Gives The S/Tmaxx A Bold Look, While Providing Enhanced On- And Off-Road Performance The Pattern Geometry And Internal Siping Provide An Optimized Blend Of All Season And Off-Road Traction Performance Randomizes Tread Block Impacts With The Road Surface Resulting In Remarkably Low Noise For A Tire O
  • All-season wet and dry traction


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Discoverer ST Maxx