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BigO Tire

Latitude Sport3

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235/55R19 105V XL
MSPN: MICH-03171
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About this Tire

Tire Line features

  • Improved wet grip
  • High-speed durability
  • Low rolling resistance


  • The Latitude Sport 3 is Michelin's premier SUV/Crossover summer tire, chosen by some of the most elite vehicle manufacturers like Porsche and BMW
  • Engineered to excel in wet conditions, its innovative tread compound is molded into a symmetric tread design
  • Improved rolling resistance is achieved through variable thickness sipes, which reduce tread block deformation and heat loss
  • Michelin's Latitude Sport 3 is an ultra-high performance SUV and CUV tire that combines exceptional dry- and wet-road traction with enhanced fuel economy


  • Mileage Warranty: 20,000
  • 60-Day Satisfaction Guarantee
  • 3-Year Roadside Assistance
  • Limited Mileage Warranty