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BigO Tire

Primacy Tour AS

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235/55R19 105W XL
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About this Tire

Tire Line features

  • ComfortControl with PIANO Noise Reduction Tuning technology
  • Asymmetrical tread design with circumferential grooves
  • Cutting-edge rubber tread compound


  • Frequency-cancelling shoulder grooves and block chambers with ultra-smooth belts to deliver a remarkably quiet driving experience
  • Maintains tread block flexibility in cold temperatures for reliable ice and snow grip, while sharp lateral groove angles bite into snow, allowing you to take on winter-road turns with total confidence
  • Channels water away for quick, powerful wet-road braking


  • Mileage Warranty: 45,000
  • 60-Day Satisfaction Guarantee
  • 3-Year Roadside Assistance
  • Limited Mileage Warranty