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The Unseen Dangers Of Worn Tires

Continuing to drive on a severely worn tire or tires can lead to serious control, braking and drivability issues. Below are a few of the "unseen dangers" of driving on worn tires:

The Unseen Dangers Of Worn Tires
  • Heat Build-Up
    Worn tire tread increases heat build-up. As the distance between the tire and the road decreases due to reduced tread there is less air flowing between the grooves to cool the tires. Heat is an enemy of tire rubber and a major cause of failure.
  • Puncture
    The tire tread protects the tire casing from puncture. Worn tread greatly increases the possibility of a tire blowout due to puncture.
  • Hydroplaning
    Worn tire tread can cause hydroplaning (your tires skating across a wet surface with little gripping power). This problem can begin at 5/32nds inch of tread remaining.
  • Underinflation
    Tires with worn tread are much more likely to be seriously underinflated. This condition can adversely affect steering, braking and fuel economy.

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