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Tips for Avoiding Road Hazards

Some road hazards are unavoidable, but using the tips below, you can give yourself a safety edge and protect your tires at the same time. Win-win!

Look: Make sure you keep your eyes on the road at all times, and avoid unnecessary and dangerous distractions like texting or talking on your cell phone. If you're in a busy metropolitan area or a school zone, keep a look out for pedestrians or cyclists entering the roadway. Also keep your windshield as clean as possible so you can see any unexpected hazards clearly. When you visit any of our stores, we'll make sure your wiper fluid well is full and that your wipers are in good shape.

Listen: If you've got the radio on, make sure the volume isn't so loud that you can't easily hear things like other cars approaching, horns honking, emergency signals from fire trucks or ambulances or yourself think!

Light: Keep your headlights on if it's anything but sunshiny outside so the road is well-lit and so others can easily see you. It's actually the law in most states to have your lights on after dusk or if it's rainy or foggy. And keep in mind that your blinkers aren't for sending Morse code messages to your buddies. Anytime you're making a turn or changing lanes, use your blinker ahead of time to let others know what you're about to do.

Leave Space: Keep a safe distance between you and the car in front of you using "The 3 Second Rule". To test your distance, pick out a landmark or spot on the road. As soon as the car in front of you passes it, count a full three seconds. If you reach that same spot before the three seconds are up, you're too close. If the car in front of you unexpectedly slams on their brakes, you'll need that 3-second cushion to avoid an accident. This space also allows you plenty of time to avoid road hazards like debris or potholes.

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