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What are the Dangers of Worn Tires?

Worn tires cause serious problems with control, braking and drivability. Here's why:

Dangers Of Worn Tires
  • Heat Build-Up: As the tire wears down, there is less space for air to flow between the grooves of the tread to cool the tires. The tire heats up. Heat is an enemy of tire rubber and a major cause of failure.

  • Puncture: A thick tire tread protects the tire casing from puncture. If the tread is worn, it's easier for a piece of glass or metal to puncture the tire. If the puncture causes a sudden blowout, you lose control of the steering, which can cause an accident.

  • Hydroplaning: Deep treads "bite" into water to keep you on the road. Worn tire tread can cause the tires to skate across a wet surface instead, which is called "hydroplaning". This problem can begin when you still have as much as 5/32nds of an inch of tread left.

  • Air leakage: Tires with worn tread are much more likely to leak air and lose air pressure. This can affect steering, braking and fuel economy.

  • Worn tires are truly dangerous. Please check your tires often, and replace them when needed. Not sure when that is? Take your car or truck to any of our stores for a free tire check.

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