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How Can I Tell if My Shocks and Struts are Worn Out?

Take this easy test. Push down quickly and firmly on the front and rear of your vehicle. If there's excessive bouncing, you may need to replace your shocks and struts.

Other signs of suspension problems are:

  • Tire Wear – Your tires seem to have excessive or uneven tread wear.
  • Leaking – Your shocks or struts are leaking fluid.
  • Damage – Your shock or strut casings are dented or damaged.
  • Mounts – The shock or strut mounts are broken or worn.
  • Drifting – Your vehicle seems to float, sway or drift during turns.
  • Rough Ride – Your vehicle bounces excessively when you hit a bump.
  • Dip – Your vehicle tends to “nose dive” when you apply the brakes.
  • Bounce Test – Shocks and struts can be tested by pushing down quickly and firmly on the front and rear of the vehicle and watching for excessive bounce.

Suspect a problem? Bring your vehicle to any of Big O Tires Store for service.

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