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Wheel Alignment

Service Description

Proper wheel alignment is an important, although often overlooked part of your vehicle’s regular maintenance. Without proper alignment, tires will wear much faster and end up costing you unnecessary money to replace. During a vehicle's alignment service, adjustments are made to the camber, caster, and toe. These are visibly, negligible differences in your car or truck's wheel positioning, relative to the road. However minor, every adjustment has the ability to make marked improvements in a vehicle's ride, comfort and affordability.

No one wants to be constantly correcting their vehicle from drifting off the road or buying new tires every few months. But, these are some of the costly consequences of neglecting alignment maintenance. Avoid additional wear on your tires by scheduling wheel alignment services periodically throughout the year. The tools available to the expert technicians at Big O Tires will ensure you have a truly safe and enjoyable driving experience.

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