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  • Service Indicators
  • 3D Multi-Wave Sipes
  • Groove Wall With Quiet Serration
Air Is Distributed As It Flows Through The Pipe By The Dense Serration On The Groove Wall Surface Which Prevents "Pipe Resonance Noise" From Being Easily Generated Decreased Block Movement Under Driving And Braking Conditions Which Allows More Tread To Stay In Contact With The Road Surface Rigid Block...
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Product DetailSpeed RatingTread DepthLoad Index
110H H10.1110
103H H10.1103
111T T12.6111
121R R16.0121
109H H10.1109
115T T12.9115
105H H10.1105
112T T12.6112
114T T12.9114
105S S11.3105
126R R16.0126
125R R16.1125
99H H10.199
110H H10.1110
106T T12.6106
104V V10.1104
108T T12.5108
109H H10.1109
108T T12.5108
112T T12.7112
107H H10.1107
112T T12.7112
107T T11.3107
108T T11.3108
121R R16.3121
116T T12.7116
114T T12.5114
121R R15.6121
112T T12.9112
106T T12.5106
120R R15.6120
107H H10.1107
109T T12.5109
103T T11.3103
114H H11.7114
102H H10.1102
111V V10.1111
102H H10.1102
108T T12.6108
104T T11.3104
109S S12.5109
110T T11.3110
112S S12.6112
114T T12.9114
107T T12.5107
114T T10.1114
114T T12.6114
108S S11.3108
106H H10.1106
110T T12.6110
117T T12.7117
103H H10.1103
106S S12.3106
123R R16.0123
105V V10.1105
107H H10.1107
105V V10.1105

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