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Dynapro HT RH12

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  • All-season grip
  • Responsive steering
  • Eye-catching sidewall design
  • Computer Generated Symmetric Pattern Resists Irregular Wear
The firm center rib increases steering response and promotes straight-line traction, while the tread-block sidewall design adds a rugged look to your on-road adventures Hankook's Dynapro HT gives your SUV, pickup or van the stability it needs so you ...
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Product DetailSpeed RatingTread DepthLoad Index
109T T13.0109
110T T13.0110
121S S14.5121
97H H12.597
109T T10.8109
109T T13.0109
106T T13.0106
111T T10.0111
102H H10.3102
108T T13.0108
109S S10.5109
111T T13.0111
120x x15.0120
121R R12.8121
113T T13.0113
116H H11.3116
115x x15.0115
120S S15.0120
104x x15.0104
94T T14.094
113T T11.5113
121R R13.0121
115S S14.5115
113R R11.5113
121S S14.5121
119S S15.0119
121S S16.0121
99T T12.599
108T T13.0108
115S S15.0115
108T T13.0108
104T T13.0104
114T T13.0114
110T T12.5110
105T T13.0105
114T T13.0114
120R R16.0120
112T T13.0112
111H H12.5111
114T T13.0114
110T T11.2110
101T T13.0101
95T T12.595
111T T10.8111
114T T12.5114
107T T12.5107
123S S15.0123
109T T13.0109
107R R12.7107
102H H10.3102
112T T13.0112
108T T13.0108
114H H11.4114

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Dynapro HT RH12
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