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Dynapro HT RH12

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  • Eye-catching sidewall design
  • Responsive steering
  • Computer Generated Symmetric Pattern Resists Irregular Wear
  • All-season grip
Better Handling And Noise Performance By Way Of Center Rib Block And Multi Kerf Design Diagonal sipes and lateral shoulder slats add grip in light snow and slush, and four circumferential grooves channel away road water to enhance wet-weather grip The ...
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Product DetailSpeed RatingTread Depth
115S S15.0
109T T13.0
108T T13.0
104T T13.0
110T T13.0
114T T13.0
109T T10.8
110T T12.5
109T T13.0
106T T13.0
111T T10.0
T T13.0
114T T13.0
102H H10.3
108T T13.0
109S S10.5
111T T13.0
120R R16.0
120x x15.0
112T T13.0
111H H12.5
114T T13.0
121R R12.8
110T T11.2
101T T13.0
113T T13.0
111T T10.8
114T T12.5
116H H11.3
107T T12.5
123S S15.0
115x x15.0
120S S15.0
109T T13.0
104x x15.0
107R R12.7
113T T11.5
102H H10.3
112T T13.0
121R R13.0
108T T13.0
121S S14.5
119S S15.0
121S S16.0
99T T12.5
114H H11.4
108T T13.0