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Optimo H418

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  • Interlocking Shoulder Rib
  • High Kerf Density Across The Tread
  • Solid Central Rib
  • The High-Angle Diagonal Grooves
Aids Handlings Channels Water Away From The Center Ensures Flexibility For Wet Traction And Prevents Irregular Wear Without Compromising Handling Adds Cutting Edges That Improve Grip On Snow And Ice, Making The H418 The Perfect Choice For All Conditions Year-Round
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Available Sizes

15inch Wheel Diameter

16inch Wheel Diameter


Product DetailSpeed RatingTread DepthUTQGLoad IndexRun Flat
102T T11.0400 A A102No
99T T11.0440 A A99No
91H H10.0400 A A91No
96T T11.0400 A A96No
82V V10.0400 A A82No

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Optimo H418
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