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Scorpion ATR

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  • In The Scorpion STR, You Will Find The Best Tradition For Ultra High Performance, With The Excellent
  • Civilized on-road feel
  • True all-terrain handling
  • The Scorpion Str Delivers A Quiet And Precise Ride, Provides Superior Comfort And Ease Of Handling
  • The Symmetric Pattern Assures Comfort, And Also Has A Consequence High Mileage And Uniform Wear
  • All-weather grip and maneuveri...
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Available Sizes

17inch Wheel Diameter

18inch Wheel Diameter

20inch Wheel Diameter

22inch Wheel Diameter


Product DetailSpeed RatingTread DepthLoad Index
116H H13.0116
121R R16.0121
108H H13.0108
120R R16.0120
113T T16.0113
111T T13.0111
113H H13.0113
104T T10.0104
99H H12.099
112T T13.0112
121S S16.0121
105T T13.0105
109T T13.0109
121S S16.0121
116H H15.0116
102H H13.0102
111T T13.0111
110T T14.0110
105T T13.0105
113T T13.0113
119R R16.0119
109T T13.0109
114T T13.0114
120S S16.0120
101T T13.0101
120R R16.0120
112T T11.0112
92H H11.092
105T T13.0105
110H H13.0110
115T T11.0115
120R R16.0120
113V V13.0113
109S S16.0109
111S S13.0111
110S S16.0110
96T T11.096
112T T13.0112
123S S16.0123
122R R16.0122

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Scorpion ATR
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