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BigO Tire

Scorpion Zero Asym

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Product DetailSpeed RatingTread DepthUTQGLoad IndexRun Flat
102W W10.0420 A A102No
120V V10.0420 A A120No
105V V10.0420 A A105No
106Y Y10.0420 A A106No
99V V10.0420 A A99No
112V V10.0420 A A112No
105Y Y10.0420 AA A105No
104V V10.0420 A A104No
99V V10.0420 A A99No
107W W13.0420 AA A107No
111W W10.0420 AA A111No
110H H10.0520 A A110No
108W W10.0420 AA A108No
103V V10.0420 AA A103No
109H H10.0300 AA A109No
112W W10.0420 AA A112No
106W W10.0420 A A106No
102V V10.0420 A A102No
103W W10.0420 AA A103No
100H H10.0420 A A100No
110Y Y10.0420 A A110No
109V V10.0420 AA A109No
107Y Y10.0420 A A107No
114W W10.0420 AA A114No
105V V10.0420 A A105No
102W W10.0420 A A102No

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Scorpion Zero Asym